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Our Approach

Aquinas Capital Funding, is a merchant cash advance resource, connecting small businesses to working capital nationwide. Established in 2018, our mission is to help businesses succeed by providing white glove service. By harnessing our manpower, technology, proprietary data, being honest, transparent, integrity, and utilizing a unique business model, we enjoy an advantageous position in the cash advance space. Burgeoning alliances are adding value to our bottom line as we move forward with fundamentals that will catapult us into a strong future of healthy financial growth and expansion.

"Aquinas Capital Funding welcomes all small businesses with at least 3 months of revenue history. Our process is much faster and easier than a conventional bank loan allowing you to secure funds in days versus months."

Our Process

Different than the competition

Our approach to funding is based on a few simple criteria:

  1. Have you been in business at least six months?

  2. Does your business’s monthly revenue equal or exceed $10,000?

  3. Does your business have solid growth potential?


We will work with you to gather all preliminary documents necessary to complete the approval process. Once the approval is finalized we will work on getting the agreements into place in order to get your money posted to your account as soon as possible!

When you become a client of Aquinas Capital Funding we dedicate ourselves to making sure that you receive the tools to help grow your business beyond signing on the dotted line. We offer professional guidance throughout the life of your loan.

When terms are accepted and agreements are signed, your funds will be posted to your bank account. From that point moving forward, a daily percentage of your gross sales will go towards paying back your loan. Your terms may be set to weekly or bi-weekly payments.

As we are sure you already know, the best compliment a business can receive is a referral. That’s why we honor a $500 cash back on each successfully funded referral.

*Funding amount must be over $30,000 in order to qualify.

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